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The physical framework is now in place

News // Tuesday, 01 December 2015

The physical framework is now in place

All buildings and major technical units are ready at the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future


The visions behind Billund BioRefinery have seriously taken shape now so that the outer framework is more or less in place. The construction of buildings and concrete work has been successfully completed and only minor details remain.

DSC 9666

All major technical units are in place, digester, gas storage and engines are in operation and have started to transfer electricity and heat into the distribution network.

DSC 9598Furthermore, the bottom aeration has been completed and after-polishing and further filtration of the treated wastewater are currently being run in.

Thus the wastewater part of Billund BioRefinery is more or less completed.

This has extra significance in relation to the local wastewater network structure as Billund Wastewater Treatment Plant has been discontinued so all water from the town of Billund is led through a new wastewater distribution pipe to Billund BioRefinery.

DSC 9579


Currently, work is performed to complete the mechanical installations
Billund byggeri 08at the digester, and the electricians are working on the gas system to have it ready for operation in the beginning of December.


It is expected that the digester will be in operation during the first quarter of 2016.





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